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By: Crystal Gallagher: Review of “Angel the Assassin”

I was gripped by the intensity of the first chapter. My attention was help up to the end.

We get to intimately know the main characters and see them develop as people. The villains are unmistakably bad actors. The hero’s have hearts and minds that we can understand and ally ourselves to.

The suspense and violence and love relationships are well balanced and not overdone. This novel takes use around the world.I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. I have no complaints or criticism.

 By: Adanna Inya: "The Red Bitch's Revenge" and "Reds Revenge"

A loving mother, daughter, and friend by day, and a stone-cold, calculative serial killer by night. This defines Dana, and here’s her story.

Red’s Revenge is a fusion of crime and romance, and I loved that it positioned a female as the principal character. She was powerful, relatable, well-rounded, and unique. The LGBTQ community will love this book even more because Lee gives the people a voice through it. Dana put together a team of lesbians, and they blazed trails, loved, laughed, and lived. We get to see that the LGBTQ community comprises smart, model, and accomplished people.

Lee did a good job of character development in this book by not allowing the supporting casts to fade out. This endeared me to many of them, especially Eve and Mason. I enjoyed seeing Dana grow into her own woman. I loved the relationship that she shared with her parents and Mason, who filled in as Dana’s mom. Red’s Revenge is quite lengthy, spanning 888 pages, but the plot is interesting. The novel also contains profanities, violence, and erotic scenes.

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