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Novels By Jane B. Lee

"Love and Revenge" series about romantic/strong/successful and dangerous women!

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Fifth in the "Love and Revenge" series.

As an innocent girl Anna’s world revolves around her family, the art world,   martial arts, and her girlfriend. The cartel kill’s her lovers, leading her to bloody vengeance.

Anna descends into the dark underworld of drug lords, cartels, and killers. She quickly becomes known as the Red Bitch with a price on her head.

Can she live in both worlds, or will the depraved underworld get the best of her?

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 Fourth in the "Love and Revenge" Series  

Cynthia, a twelve-year-old child, finds herself living alone in a gritty neighborhood of flophouses, bars, and drug dealers. Violence is her path to survival. The cartel recruits her into the underground world of drugs, guns, violence, and betrayal. Cynthia rises in the organization to become the only woman enforcer. She learns to love only to find that her loved one’s died a horrible death.  Can she survive in her kill or be killed world.

If you enjoy noir thrillers about romantic, successful, loyal, and dangerous women, you’ll fall in love this pulse-pounding, action series ‘Love and Revenge’.

 Third in the "Love and Revenge" Series  

Lisa begins her trans journey at 12. Her father wants his son, Larry, back; as a former military sniper, he takes Larry/Lisa to be trained to shot. She became the best of the best. She is recruited by the CIA to assassinate drug lords while traveling around the world. Meanwhile, falling in love with two different women and raising two families, on two continents. In her CIA world, someone is setting her up for death. Who is it, and why?

First and Second in the "Love and Revenge" series. The second is an up grade of the first. Dana’s martial arts skills were taught to her by her mother. Her life revolves around her father and his art gallery, and her girlfriend. Based in Atlanta Georga. At night Dana chases down drug lords. Yet by day Dana and her father run their art gallery. The question is can she survive in both worlds?

My first Novel, not part of the series.

A love story. Follow Lisa as she makes the change from male to female, she travels to various countries. Learn about her failures and success as a business owner. She travels to Hawaii and falls in love with Dana, a Lesbian. But! You go back in time to their first meeting. This time Dana is a straight male. When they return to family and friends, the bumps continue, except you get to decide if Dana is male or female. I'm not telling.

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